The Cancer Treatment Centre is a dynamic space; where Doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals work together to enhance the quality of a patient’s life. Focused and specialised cancer services make Terna Hospital the top Cancer Centre in Navi Mumbai, India. 


  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy life-threatening cancer cells. The purpose of chemotherapy may differ from patient to patient. It could be used to slow the growth of cancer cells, shrink the tumour before surgery or to destroy any surviving cancer cells.

  • Oncosurgeries

o   Prostate cancer

o   Lung cancer

o   Colon cancer

o   Breast cancer

o   Colon cancer

o   Lung cancer

o   Brain cancer

o   Cervical cancer

o   Hodgkin’s lymphoma

o   Kidney cancer

o   Leukaemia

o   Liver cancer

o   Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

o   Ovarian cancer

o   Skin cancer

o   Testicular cancer

o   Thyroid cancer

o   Uterine cancer