General Ward Room :-Number of Beds / Room : 3 patients per room
Economy Room :- Number of Beds / Room : 3 patients per room
Twin Sharing Room :-  Number of Beds/ Room : 2 patients per room
Private Room :- Number of Beds/ Room : 1 patients per room

Patients Admitting Guideline

If you are coming to the hospital for the first time, we will register you with charge Rs. 75/- and provide you patients registration number i.e. PRN. We will create your medical record with this PRN and preserve it with utmost care and confidentiality. This number enables speedy retrieval of your medical records each time you need to see a doctor.

Medical Insurance & TPA Services

Cashless hospitalisation means as a policyholder, one will be able to avail medical services at designated hospitals and bills will be settled through TPAs (Third Party Administrators) rather than direct out-of pocket-payment.
We have a tie-up with the leading health insurance companies which help in providing you with cashless and hassle-free hospitalisation.

Visiting Hours & Guidelines

Children are not permitted in the ICU, in their own interest.
Visitors will not be allowed inside the hospital post 10.00 pm unless the situation is critical and the Security Manager permits it.
Only visitors with valid visitor passes will be allowed to meet the patient.
A single additional pass for a relative will be provided during surgery.

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