The critical care facility at Terna Speciality Hospital& Research Centre is the largest critical care facility of its kind in Navi Mumbai, provides cutting-edge standards of care; capable of caring for patients.

Every patient who is admitted here benefits from our extensive services, technology and the finest medical care at every stage of his/her journey. Our facilities are directed by senior consultants and supported by expert nursing teams and vital state-of-the-art equipments.

Our critical care service offers patients 24/7 intensive and specialised care with the ability to handle any emergency. Every patient can rely on us to provide the very best in healthcare when they need it most.

The facilities at Terna Speciality Hospital& Research Centre combined with our specialist multidisciplinary teams and expert consultant, intensivists, can speed up the recovery time for complex patients. Patients have 24-hours access to our extensive services


• We have 16 bedded ICU&10 bedded NICU all capable of level III care

• Specialist intensive care for trauma, head injury & Neurology

• Round the clock availability of Intensivist, Specialists and Super-specialists

• Supportive Services – Rehabilitation services, Patients specific diet

State-of-the-art Equipment

Our critical care unit is equipped with latest technology and equipment, having latest ventilators, multipara monitor, syringe pumps, dedicated dialysis machine for ICU, most advanced imaging departments.

Safety and Privacy

We want to make you feel safe and comfortable.

• Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the unit, rooms, and hallways for visitors, doctors, nurses, staff, and you to use.

• Before receiving your medication, you will be asked for your name and birthdate and your ID bracelet will be scanned.

 • We encourage you to have any home medications or personal items that are with you sent home. Ask a nurse for more information.

• Security is available 24 hours a day and makes frequent rounds.